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Tomorrow everything will be alright (2011) Director: Akram Zataari Role: Camera assistant, Colorist

Where do we go now? (2011) Director: Nadine Labaki Role: Dailies Colorist

Malaki- scent of an angel (2010) Director: Kahlil Dreyfus Zaarour Role: Assistant Colorist

A Man of Honor (2012) Director: Jean-Claude Codsi Role: Assistant Colorist

Blind intersection (2012) Director: Lara Saba Role: Assistant Colorist

May in the Summer (2013) Director: Cherien Dabis Role: Dailies Colorist

Sea Sonata (2010) Director: Rakan Mayasi Role: Assistant Colorist

We Were Communists (2010) Director: Maher Abi Samra Role: assistant Colorist

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