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I'm a lebanese-german, berlin based digital colorist.  You usually find me @HBB_Clr_Studio in my darkroom in neukölln, working on commercials, documentaries, features, short films, art film installations or music videos.

Parallel to my studies in Beirut in computer engineering, I started working as an editor in 2006 for 4 years. I was the first trained digital image technician (D.I.T.) on the RED ONE in 2010, working as a camera operator (first and second camera assistant).

In 2011, while I was working in one of the most renowned post houses in beirut (Postoffice). fascinated by the dark room, i got initiated as a colorist by 4 wonderful international colorists from various backgrounds, (argentinian colorist Nano Morantes, french colorist Aurelie Laumont, taiwanese colorist Diane Kuo and lebanese colorist Shirine Sinno consecutively). Watching them work, i learned different methods and to have an open approach to colors and gained quite an inside on the many aspects of getting a grading job done. I graded projects on Assimilate Scratch and Autodesk Lustre  for different agencies and worked in parallel on independent film projects.

Since 2015 I work in berlin as a freelancer and have had the opportunity to collaborate with many talented artists in countries throughout europe and the middle east. in 2022, i moved to my studio HBB clr studio in neukölln. Im available to grade remotely and worldwide. Im part of Berlin Transnational FLINTA Colorists Community, Berlin FLINTA Filmakers Community and Grade Community

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